Kate is very proud to be involved in this wonderful campaign and worthy cause for the fourth consecutive year.

Thanks to charity champions, The Change Angels, when you buy a ‘Bonnie the Bunny’ from their website for $38, profits go directly to Bravehearts (Australia’s leading child protection organisation) and an adorable soft bunny goes straight to a child in hospital.

The Bonnie the Bunny campaign is now in its fifth year, having raised $69,000 for child protection charities in that time, and delivered 1,600 bunnies to child protection units for hospitalised children across the country.

Founder and ‘Agent’ of The Change Angels, Joanne Sutton, is passionate about child protection and determined to raise funds and brighten the lives of abused and neglected children. “Spreading some kindness at a dark time in their lives will hopefully brighten their spirits. Sadly some children are admitted to hospital alone, confused with horrible injuries after enduring unspeakable cruelty. This is where Bonnie the Bunny steps in and offers a touch of comfort at a very dark time in their lives.” said Agent Sutton.

For the second year running, Bravehearts is the charity of choice for The Change Angels, with kind-hearted professionals ensuring 100% of profits go directly to the charity. Kate volunteers her time to illustrate the thank you cards for those who purchase a bunny as well as all the promotional material, KwikKopy print all the collateral for free, Platinum Pre School in Randwick cover all the postage costs, NanaHuchy in Melbourne donate all the comfort bunnies and Agent Sutton donates her time to run the campaign.

For four consecutive years Kate has donated her time to bring our much loved Bonnie the Bunny campaign to life. She lends her creativity, flair and her love of drawing to our fundraising initiative with her delightful illustrations of Bonnie the Bunny. Kate’s professional, thoughtful and flexible but most of all she is incredibly talented and generous donating her time and expertise to help us raise money for those less fortune. Kate is an inspiration.

Joanne Sutton, founder, The Change Angels